This section contains scientific articles related to Koi, that I have written after reading several scientific journals and books published by Aquaculture Scientists. Generally, goals of aquaculture research is to maximize food fish production at lower costs and is focused on Salmon and Carp. Since Koi are Carp, we can apply this knowledge to Koi husbandry as well. In addition, as an expert of Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, I am able to cover some areas that are not of interest to Aquaculture Scientists.

Some articles may be too scientific and are not meant for average Koi hobbyists. However, those who understand the information may be able to give feedback or do experiments with their Koi. For example, a Mechanical Engineer or Chemical engineer who can understand the Nitrification process will be able to design a better filtration system suitable for residential, ornamental aquaculture systems. At present, most “innovations” in Koi industry are limited to either modifying Pool industry/Aquaculture industry ideas or improving existing mechanical equipment.

I will add new articles frequently. I hope these articles will inspire some professionals with technical skills and medical knowledge, to develop new systems or contribute new ideas to Koi Science.

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