Smart Koi live in a climate-controlled indoor pond. They are super-friendly, fearless, athletic and adorable. These are the koi that you can adopt

18” - 22” baby Koi


18” - 27” teenage Koi


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Only 100 41 of Smart Koi are available for adoption. Most are 18-27 inches long. Smartkoi are like puppies. They have never known predators. You MUST cover your pond with fishing line at 1’ intervals in both north-south and east-west directions, at least 2’ higher than water level (tie the lines to rebars or stakes at the edge of the pond but 1’ outside the pond). Smartkoi do not have any illnesses or KHV. They want their caretakers to interact with them on a daily basis, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Smart koi love to eat from hand. They ring wind chimes, chase ball, undo knots, even drink soda from can by lifting themselves above water! You can easily train them to do tricks. If you name them, they will respond to their names.

Please remember: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder ! Neither Miss Universe is the most beautiful woman in the world nor the Grand Champion Koi is the most beautiful koi !! You will love and remember a koi not because it has certain lineage but because it plays with you ! With Smartkoi, you don’t have to do the foolish act of fishing them out of the pond or bribing them with food to show them off to your friends.

We do NOT run a profit-oriented business. All proceeds go towards our efforts in promoting science and engineering education to high school kids. Our koi are not mass produced. Email: nysmartkoi at for price

We prefer pet-parents who can pick them up at our location in upstate New York (50 miles north of New York City) and those who can buy more than 2 koi. Smart koi have been living with their best friends and leaving friends behind means stress to them (mass produced koi do not live long enough with each other to form friendships)  They are not used to harsh salt treatments and PP baths.

We will pack the koi in oxygen with proper insulation material.

Why should you adopt Smart Koi?
1. Smartkoi pet-parents will have FREE health advice through email. 
2. You can also be the backyard-scientist, conduct experiments that we design, which may lead to discoveries in Koi Science and Fish Behavior.
3. You can train Smart koi new tricks.

Please read pages “Before you buy”, “When they arrive”, “What to Feed” and “First Aid”. These pages will prepare you to take care of Smart Koi.

All proceeds from sales go towards organizing Annual Science Festival “BrainQuest” for High School Children.

Fine Print: You can not mix Smart Koi with regular Koi because they may become unfriendly. While quarantining Smart Koi, try to become friends with them first. Once they start trusting you, add your koi one at a time until that too becomes friendly. It takes only one unfriendly koi from your pond to change them because your koi are the boss of your pond and they determine the pond culture. You must allow smart koi to dominate the pond culture. For best friendliness, buy a group of 4-5 Smart Koi and do not mix them with other Koi until they are very familiar with you. Remember, you must keep Smart Koi under a net because they think birds are their friends too!

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